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  2. Sex Differences in the Ultimatum Game: An Evolutionary Psychology Perspective | SpringerLink
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Share on Facebook. But when she gets there, she is stunned to find someone has beaten her to it. The vault is empty! Is this a trap set by the Prince, or is someone else playing a very dangerous game with Bianca and her father? The escape from the palace is quite harrowing, leaving Richard St. Ives presumed dead by his daughter. The trouble is, various covert government agencies are not convinced he really died, and they plan to use Bianca as bait to trap him.

Bianca is super smart, incredibly resourceful and can get herself out of practically any situation without waiting for someone to happen by and rescue her. Robards crafts high-octane action sequences that had my heart racing throughout much of the book. I would have much rather figured things out along with her instead of having them spelled out for me so early on. But she sure as Krek didn't want one.

Alara Bazelle Calladar shoved aside her test samples and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Success had once again eluded her. She'd hoped to find a remedy soon, but she wasn't going to succeed today, not in time to prevent her own elevated hormone levels from driving her away from work and into the arms of a man, any man, to satisfy her biological compulsions. Instead she was left with no answers and too many blasted urges. Just once, she longed to give in to frustration and smash something.

But the only items at hand were the DNA maturation receptacles that housed her experiments, materials too precious to sacrifice in a fit of temper. Under normal circumstances, her research was difficult, but during the beginnings of Boktai , Alara's elevated hormone levels made unclouded reasoning as elusive as a Denvovian sandworm who'd grown wings. As if in anticipation of mating, her pathways that transmitted reflexes to the brain had fully engaged. Due to increased blood flow to her tissues, her lips already tingled, her breasts were tender. Science required patience and normally she had plenty.

But with her metabolic rate rising with the onset of Boktai , just the mention of a man caused her heart beat to escalate, her patience to dwindle.

Sex Differences in the Ultimatum Game: An Evolutionary Psychology Perspective | SpringerLink

He'd no doubt entered the reception area, puffed up with the confidence of a blowfish, certain he was wanted and worthy of female attention. Very likely, he wasn't. While it took a lot of male muscles to impress Maki, she still wouldn't have interrupted unless she believed the man important. Alara swore under her breath, annoyed that in her current metabolic state she would react to a male just like every other Endekian woman whose hormonal system demanded sex. Alara welcomed the temptation of a male in her lab and in her life as much as she'd welcome bitebugs burrowing into her suit. In fact, the few rare males who deigned to enter her laboratory were often those who sought to discourage her from continuing her work.

Two days ago Lurk, a diminutive functionary of the Endekian leader, Drik, had barged past Maki, flashing his government badge. Lurk had pasted on a fake fatherly demeanor, peered at one of her samples and reached out to bring it closer. Snapping off the vidscreen, she gave Lurk her full attention. Would you like to be the first female Federation liaison? No doubt Drik wanted to close her lab. Endekian men were quite content with the status quo, but she would never give up her work.

Her research to free Endekian women from the curse of their genetics was turning out to be extraordinarily complex and laborious. But all her effort would be worthwhile if she ever succeeded in putting women's hearts and minds, instead of their physiology, in charge of when they had sex.

Original Research ARTICLE

She raised her brow. Some heroine she was.

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While everyone else had died during the Terran terrorists' bombing of her city, her presence within an underground laboratory had saved her life along with her mother's. But due to a preposterous calamity of nature, Endekian physiology tied a wife's death to her husband's. After the Terran bomb had killed her father, her mother had suffered a slow, painful death.

Alara had gone on.

A New Solution Concept for the Ultimatum Game leading to the Golden Ratio

She had raged, mourned and buried both mother and father. And then she'd repressed her grief in work.

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As the sole survivor in her family, she'd studied harder and become more determined than ever to unravel the secrets of Endekian physiology. She wanted women to be free of the curse of Boktai and the Terran terrorists' attack had given her the status and means to follow her dream.

She could never have foreseen the results of her survival, that the government would choose her as the symbol to rally the masses against the Terrans. Alara had used her new-found celebrity to prevent the government from closing her lab. However, as the anger against the Terran attack that had killed so many abated, she'd become less useful to the government and had fallen out of favor. With the current unpopularity of her work, she wouldn't be surprised if the current visitor was here to close her lab.

Get rid of him. But he wants you. He said he's willing to wait as long as it takes. I'm leaving through my personal entrance.

Asymmetric Social Distance Effects in the Ultimatum Game

She intended to go home, soak in a hot bath and take care of her growing arousal. Self-gratification was only a temporary solution for her cravings, one that would work for a short time and only if no males were present. Experience told her she couldn't hold out much longer and that within a day, two at most, she would lose control of her psi and her will, forcing her to seek out a male partner.

With a quick retina scan, Alara unlocked her back door and stepped outside into the balmy dusk. Automatically she used her psi on her suit, the type worn by every Federation citizen, to shield her from the cloying humidity. Anxious to be on her way, she didn't pause to take in the city lights beyond her building but headed straight for her flitter, climbed in, inserted the disk and revved the engine.

She held her breath, refusing to allow his scent into her lungs, but just the sound of his husky male tone kindled inevitable biological reactions. Her nostrils flared, automatically seeking his provocative scent. Her heart's alpha rhythm escalated. Her pulse between her thighs quickened. Blood rushed to her sensitive breasts and the suit cupping her skin seemed inadequate when her flesh suddenly yearned for male hands to caress her, seduce her, satisfy her.

However, she was not yet so far into Boktai that her brain had abdicated completely to the demands of her body. She still maintained enough control to remain clothed, but thinking was becoming more difficult.

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